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Great Powerlifting articles! Learn the secrets to success!
How to do Power Lifting Workouts
How to do Powerlifting Workouts, training for strength using powerlifting principles.
How to Do Power Lifting Workouts |
How to Do Power Lifting Workouts. If you're working out for strength rather than building muscle or cardio benefits, you might try a power lifting workout. Power lifting is simply lifting as much weight as you can in explosive movemen...
International Powerlifting Federation IPF: Home
International Powerlifting Federation IPF
IronScene | Powerlifting Videos
Powerlifting videos uploaded by powerlifters for powerlifters! Updated daily with the newest powerlifting feats of strength!
NASA Sports - Powerlifting
NASA is proud to support and promote Real Drug Free Powerlifting, Bench Press, Power Sportsİ and Push Pull Events where the Lifter does the lifting, supportive equipment is restricted to single ply and true Powerlifting Rules are enforced!
New Lifter
The place to go for strength and power training information.
Powerlifting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia description for powerlifting
United States Powerlifting Federation
USA Powerlifting - The Choice for Drug-free Strength Sport
USA Powerlifting - The Choice for Drug-free Strength Sport
USPF Powerlifting California |
Welcome to, the online home of USPF California. We invite you to learn more about us and our sport by exploring these pages where you can view our most updated schedule of events, meet results, American and State records, pictures of our lifters, rules, and much more.
World Powerlifting Congress
World Powerlifting Congress was established by Ernie Frantz in 1986. The World Powerlifting Congress also known as the WPC, consists of 30 countries worldwide that participate in annual World Championships. We provide competitive and outstanding Powerlifting meets, and are successfully known as "a lifter's organization". We pride ourselves on the fact that the vast majority of our officials are active lifters who appreciate fair and consistent judging. The WPC supports the interest of the lifter with constant review of the rules.
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